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One of a kind

The first foam
to control moisture.

cellpur is a premium cold foam, which exhibits excellent moisture management properties. The incorporation of cellulose particles ensures pleasant, dry conditions along with excellent comfort.


Irresistible comfort, a pleasant, dry feeling, and maximum hygiene as a result. Thanks to these advantages, cellpur really stands out.


Cellulose particles integrated into the foam absorb moisture and trap it temporarily.


We offer numerous types of cellpur foam and are happy to expand our range to suit your application.

What cellpur offers

Benefits that you can truly feel! Day after day, night after night. 

Drier environment

cellpur absorbs the moisture given off by the human body, which it then stores and gradually releases in full. cellpur stores twice as much moisture as similar foams, so you stay pleasantly dry while you sleep soundly in bed or when you’re stuck in the same shoes all day.

Maximum hygiene

Decide for yourself whom you’ll be sharing your bed with. Pests such as house dust mites need moisture to survive. cellpur deprives them of this vital resource. 

Impressive quality

cellpur’s technology works in cold foams as well as in standard and viscoelastic foams. cellpur further enhances the quality of the selected material. The compelling benefits of our premium cold foams include high point elasticity, outstanding breathability, and long lifespans. 


The drier environment and maximum hygiene properties come courtesy of the cellulose particles, which are obtained from natural wood. 

How cellpur works

The Tencel fibers, which are integrated into cellpur in the form of particles (marked in turquoise in the illustration on the right), can absorb up to 70 percent of their weight in moisture. This moisture is temporarily trapped within the particles, making it unavailable to the environment.

After use, the stored moisture is quickly released. cellpur is immediately ready to absorb moisture again.

Conventional foams store moisture in their structure, whereas cellpur absorbs moisture into its integrated Tencel particles. As a result, cellpur reduces the ambient humidity and provides noticeably drier conditions.

The user enjoys an environment that is permanently drier in a wide range of possible areas of application.

Diverse uses

It’s no surprise that cellpur’s special properties are especially appreciated in home and bedroom applications and put to use in mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers.

Examples of other applications include shoes, furniture, and brassieres. Imagination knows no limits.



We have already developed a range of cellpur foam types!

We are happy to work with you to expand our portfolio and develop a cellpur foam that meets your requirements.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

One of a kind. Exclusive.


cellpur is a unique comfort foam, which has been developed in an exclusive collaboration with Lenzing AG. By introducing Tencel, Lenzing AG has made a breakthrough in cutting-edge fiber technology. The cellulose fibers are soft like silk, strong like polyester, cool like linen, warm like wool, and more absorbent than cotton. Processed to form particles, the Tencel fibers have been incorporated into a foam for the first time, where they retain their full functionality.

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